"A shot of real berries packed into one small bottle giving you a real big lift."

The Thomas Thomson Story

Thomas Thomson Over 100 summers have passed since Thomas Thomson first turned a loving eye towards the expanse of raspberries growing wild on the plentiful lands of the garden of Scotland in Blairgowrie.

Mr Thomson, a renowned flax and jute mill owner, was once happy to leave the fruit to flourish, much to the pleasure of his employees who would collect them on their way to the mill and savour their rich flavour before they started work.

As demand for Blairgowrie berries grew, Mr Thomson expanded the fields to create one of the leading berry farms in Scotland, a business which flourished alongside the mills. Since then, generation after generation have lovingly cultivated the fruit to produce succulent, rich-tasting berries, while pickers from far and wide have spent many happy summer days gathering the crop. Peter & Melanie Thomson

Now the latest guardians of the Thomson fruit fields, Peter and Melanie, are continuing the family tradition of innovation with a wonderful new fruit tonic - a shot of pure invigoration that contains no fewer than 46 sun-kissed berries making it a quick and easy berry snack.

The unique climate of Scotland, with its long and mild summer days, helps to create fantastically flavoursome berries bursting with vitamins and antioxidants. The skill lies not only in tenderly nurturing and picking the finest fruit, but in bottling as soon as possible to seal in all the natural goodness which means you can almost taste the moment the fruit was picked.

This new fruit shot gives you a delicious boost of guilt-free energy that tastes as only nature could have intended.

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